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Fibre lasers or CO2 lasers: What your job shop needs to know

It’s widely considered at this point that fibre lasers are supreme in the manufacturing industry— greater power, speed, and no need for laser gases, higher electrical efficiencies and less maintenance requirements are some of the most discussed reasons that job shops are investing in new fibres, most replacing their CO2 lasers for fibre ones. However, […]

Supporting your job shop with quality customer service

The quality of the product and the price paid for it are two important factors for a customer deciding on a job shop, but they’re not the only factors. You could have well-machined parts at highly competitive prices, but if your customers can’t contact you easily when they need to, or you fail to keep […]

How much is nitrogen costing your job shop?

Like all consumable materials, nitrogen is an ongoing cost that must be included in the budget of any laser cutter. It can account for as much as 60% of the total laser running costs. Several cylinders of gas can be used every hour that the machine runs, and depending on the size of the job […]

Elevating precision and trust in ACCU GROUP with ipLaser

A family owed business specialising in metal fabrication highlights the outstanding support provided by Tempus Tools as the key to their success and loyalty to the ipLaser software. ACCU GROUP is a leading business in the fabrication industry with decades of experience. They offer an abundance of services which cater to the many needs of […]

Galvin Engineering – Driving Productivity & Efficiency with ipLaser

Brisbane-based multi-faceted manufacturer Galvin Engineering are enjoying increased productivity and an enhanced customer experience after automating their laser cutting quotation process. As industry leading providers of precision engineering for the Australian manufacturing, construction and transport industries, Galvin Engineering know a lot about the importance of providing quality products and quality service to their customers. From […]

Creating intelligent experiences for your customers

An intelligent experience is the combined impact of data, automation, mobility, AI, and the Cloud with a focus on bringing more value to the customer. This is achieved not only by the valuable experience that is created, but also by the speed in which these experiences are delivered. In a recent article by Industry Week, it is noted that […]

Microkerf delivering with excellence

Identifying the need for a self-service, 24/7 quotation platform has helped position Microkerf as Europe’s most diverse supplier of laser processing and contract services and, a leading digital innovator within the manufacturing industry. Leicester-based Microkerf has been using the ipLaser instant online quoting solution for over a decade and as a result has experienced significant […]

Microkerf talks about ipLaser’s online quoting portal

Microkerf’s Managing Director is interviewed six months after their July launch of their Instant Online Quoting System using ipLaser. Navigate to and visit “Online Services” to see it in action. Does it work and, if so, how long did it take to become viable? Yes, it works! It took about 3 months to become […]

Case Study: Laser cutting quotation system eliminates the guess work

Rather than having staff make educated guesses, Australian company ipLaser has developed an automated laser cutting quotation system that addresses problems caused by ‘traditional’ quoting methods. Unlike quoting tools, ipLaser uses a CAD drawing as the source of information for the quote, with users no longer needed to rely on estimates of a part shape […]