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How ipLaser can help manage your business

If you’ve been navigating the demanding waters of the laser cutting industry, you’ll know that an efficient, reliable solution is invaluable. That’s where ipLaser comes in.

What is ipLaser?

At its core, ipLaser is an cloud-based service crafted explicitly for the laser cutting industry. With roots planted firmly in decades of hands-on experience in the Australian laser ‘job shop’ domain, it is the technological answer to the pressing needs of businesses today. The most striking feature? Its ability to completely revamp and streamline the quotation process, often a significant bottleneck for many businesses.

Why choose ipLaser? Here’s the rundown:

  • Seamless quotation process: With ipLaser, say goodbye to delays. It offers rapid, accurate, and consistent cost calculations. It’s like having an assistant, whether you’re providing quotations for your job shop customers, calculating in-house job costs, or integrating it into your website for 24/7 ‘Self-Service’ quotations.
  • Economical & efficient: It’s not just about savings in time. ipLaser cuts down on:
    • Quoting and order processing costs.
    • No upfront expenses, contracts, capital outlay, maintenance fees, or in-house technical support needed.
  • Sales enhancement: It’s designed to free up your sales team’s time. With super-fast quote preparation, you can stay ahead of your competitors and increase your ‘Quote & Win’ rates.
  • High accuracy: It supports accurate quotation processes, like ‘True Shape’ nesting calculations, ensuring competitive material costings.
  • Configurability & integration: Tailor it to your business model with multiple pricing options. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with software systems like MYOB®, QuickBooks®, Sage®, SigmaNEST®, and more.
  • Expand your reach: It’s time to take on jobs you previously declined because of time or cost constraints.
  • Advanced features: Get support for secondary processes like Folding, Tapping, Countersinking, and more. Plus, customizable reporting tools ensure you’re always in the loop.

How does ipLaser serve you?

It offers three distinct mechanisms to create a quote, and you can utilize any or all of them:

  1. Internal service: Operate it internally, ensuring consistent quotations and material cost controls, vital for maintaining excellent customer relationships.
  2. Customers online service: Empower your customers with a secure login, letting them not only obtain quotes but also manage their parts library and access a range of other features.
  3. The anonymous service: This innovative feature allows anyone to log onto your website and get a quote, reducing the hassle of quoting for smaller orders.

In essence, ipLaser is not just a tool—it’s an upgrade. If you’re in the laser cutting industry, looking to supercharge efficiency and boost profits, ipLaser might just be your next best investment.

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