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Unfold and quote 3D models

Identify, extract and unfold sheet-metal parts directly from 3D assemblies without a 3D software package.

Available in:

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Identify parts of flat material

Parts to be made from sheet metal are automatically detected and extracted from your 3D assembly upon upload, giving you the full list of components for laser cutting.

Unfold 3D model to 2D

Take models designed in 3D packages and send their 2D components, material information, and quantities straight into your quote for pricing.

Download 2D flat patterns

2D sheet metal parts extracted from 3D models can be exported as individual DXF or DWG files.

Upload 3D models

Upload multiple 3D drawing files in any of over 70 different file formats.

3D model viewer screen

Review components and assign material

Sheet metal and non-sheet-metal components are automatically separated.

Fold line of a 3D model pre-extraction

Quote or download the extracted parts

Sheet metal from the model sent to the quote is ready for pricing or export.

3D model parts extracted and priced