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Galvin Engineering – Driving Productivity & Efficiency with ipLaser

Brisbane-based multi-faceted manufacturer Galvin Engineering are enjoying increased productivity and an enhanced customer experience after automating their laser cutting quotation process.

As industry leading providers of precision engineering for the Australian manufacturing, construction and transport industries, Galvin Engineering know a lot about the importance of providing quality products and quality service to their customers.

From CNC machining, general engineering, manufacturing, and materials handling, Galvin Engineering offer a complete 360 engineering solution which includes a dedicated laser cutting department.

In 2017, when Luke Galvin, Director at Galvin Engineering found ipLaser’s quotation solution through a Google search, he could see the potential it had to save his business time and help improve productivity.

“The first benefit realised was that ipLaser allowed us to improve productivity by having more than one estimator quoting,” says Luke. “Everyone in our team is able to quote out the same price each and every time, so we’re always consistent,” he adds.

Another tool which Galvin Engineering find most valuable to their estimating department is the Drawing Doctor® tool – a tool which automatically detects problematic drawings and allows you to correct them there and then.

“Often the client sends us files which have errors such as title blocks or dashed holes. Drawing Doctor® gives us the ability to quickly correct those errors on the fly when we upload the files, without having to leave the system,” explains Luke. “This saves us an enormous amount of time and frustrations.” He adds.

Luke’s advice for anyone considering using ipLaser? “Just give it a go and see what happens, it worked for us!”

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