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Tube quoting

Easily drag and drop rectangular, square or round hollow sections into the tube module. It quickly calculates highly accurate cutting time and material consumption for pricing.

Available in:

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Identify and price tube profiles

Quickly recognises files of single tube parts for quoting, no CAD skills needed.

Fast, efficient and simple to use

Strike the perfect balance between ease-of-use and powerful pricing calculations. Enjoy highly accurate quotes and win more business.

Manage tube materials and pricing all in one place

Manage tube materials separately from sheet metal, including bulk editing material pricing by weight.

Upload 3D models of tube parts

Upload multiple 3D tube files at once in any of over 70 different file formats.

Tube part interpreted

Professional quotes with part thumbnails

An image of your parts is captured and displayed on quoting and production documents.

Tube quote cropped

Easy tube materials management

Group, add, or edit tube materials and pricing with ease from a single interface.

Tube materials management