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Advanced quoting made faster

ipLaser is the fastest online laser estimation system that has advanced capabilities to ensure that every estimate request is provided on time and includes all components of the price.

It’s online 24/7 for you, your employees and your customers.

Save time and money

There’s no need to spend hours manually quoting jobs. ipLaser creates estimates in an instant.

Win more quotes

Improve your response time for estimate requests and increase conversions.

Access anywhere

Wherever you are in the world, if you can access the internet, you can access ipLaser.

No lock-in contracts

No lock-in contracts or per month charges. Find out more about our pricing.

Methods of estimating

Internal estimating

Great relationships with your customers is key to driving more business.

Through internal estimations, you can process customer requests for estimates ensuring consistent customer pricing no matter which employee creates the estimate.

24/7 estimating

Online estimating is the fastest and most efficient way to attract more business.

Users can either register an account through your website or you can pre-register them through the administration portal.

It’s also a great way to capture their data so that you can continue the conversation with them when you are next in the office.

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Key features

Internal quoting

Create quotes for your customers in seconds from drawing files to prices based on your material and process rules.

Convert quotes to orders and produce production documentation for the shop floor.

Customer portal

Let your authorised customers log into your branded portal via your website to get instant pricing and place orders 24/7.

Customers can use the simple quote wizard or the standard quoting tools such as Drawing Doctor®, Shape Mate, and existing parts.

Multi-part nesting

By default, each part is nested to itself to determine parts per sheet to calculate material consumption per part.

Optionally, use multi-part nesting when parts have identical materials and thicknesses, for more competitive part pricing.

Secondary processes

Create custom secondary processes such as folding, welding, and powder coating.

Calculate price based on user rules and known part parameters, including the weight and area of the parts.

PDF to quote

Extract parts from vector PDFs with a single click on the outer profile, ready for export as CAD or for quoting.

3D model part extractor

3D model extractor

Load in a 3D model and have all sheet metal components extracted and unfolded for quoting.

Shape Mate

Quickly create standard parts such as base plates and bracketry drawings.

Modify the dimensions of each component, and number of holes, and the part is ready for export as CAD or for quoting and is stored in the customer’s library.


For when you don’t have a drawing file to work with, just a  sketch on the back of a napkin.

Drag line points to form the outer path of your shape and input internal shapes (rectangles, holes, slots, triangles) and quantities.

Drawing Doctor®

ipLaser automatically corrects simple errors such as duplicated lines or lines not joined.

Drawing Doctor® gives you even more control so that you can correct drawings with title blocks, side elevations, dashed (tapped) holes, and more.

Drawing splitter

ipLaser’s Drawing Splitter can extract individual parts from drawings containing multiple parts.

With ipLaser, you won’t have to waste time separating these files manually or through using multiple software packages.

NC1 importer

Import NC1 files into ipLaser and it will read the material thickness and part quantity information enclosed in the NC1 file to reduce human error and ensure you can get back to your customers fast.

No need to redraw components as DXF or DWG drawing files. 

CSV importer

ipLaser has the ability to accept a list of required parts via an uploaded CSV file.

This can be in the form of a request for pricing of parts that have previously been ordered and reside in the customer’s parts library. Or in the form of a new request with part drawings attached.

Drawing conflict manager

When uploading a part, ipLaser will check the customer’s database to see if this part has previously been supplied.

If it finds an identically named part it will allow you to open up both drawings side-by-side. You can then choose to rename one of the files, use the new file without renaming, or use the previous version.

Freight calculation

Sets freight rules based on delivery location and size of parts, whether items are shipped in a cardboard box, bag, skid or pallet.

Optionally add express process charges for non-standard delivery times.

Previous price matching

Price a reordered part at the same price as a previous quote, even if your materials and cutting charges change.

Match based on the cutting component or on the overall cost of the part. Optionally be warned if a new price for a previously supplied part is greater than a set percentage variance.

Fixed price parts

Fixed price parts allows your end customers to select from a library of parts with set pricing. End customers can simply add these parts to a new quote or estimate.

ipLaser removes the need for separate pricing sheets for each customer and helps you develop positive relationships through negotiable pricing and loyalty discounts.


Only pay for what you need

ipLaser fees are transactional: you pay less in quiet months and more in busy months. You are not locked into an ongoing fee.

To get started, there is an upfront deposit that is required to get your system setup and your team trained, which is credited to your account for you to use for quoting in your first 12 months.

As a cloud service, there is no installation required, no expensive hardware needed to host your own software, and your data and backup is taken care of with our service.

Contact sales for pricing


ipLaser Academy

Access training videos on ipLaser, including setup, basic usage, advanced usage, and external quoting.

Don’t have access? Request a trial.

YouTube videos

Watch a selection of how-to videos on our YouTube channel to get more insight into some of ipLaser’s features.

Frequently asked questions

ipLaser pricing is based on usage of the software. This ensures you only pay for what you use, and doesn’t commit you to a minimum monthly or yearly fee.

For quotes produced internally by sales staff, there is a fee per unique quote item calculated and confirmed.

For customers who produce their own quotes, a fee is charged per order item. If the customer doesn’t convert their quote to an order, then no fee is charged.

In addition, the usage of the multi-part nesting feature incurs a charge per unique nested sheet generated.

For quotes produced internally by sales staff, a fee is charged per unique quote item calculated and confirmed, the fee is based on the vendor’s region.

No fee is charged for quotes produced by customers if they do not convert the quote to an order.
For customers who produce their own quotes and convert them to an order, a fee is charged per unique order, the fee is based on the vendor’s region.

An upfront payment applies. This is not a fee for setup, it is a prepayment of credits to use for quoting. Contact sales to find out more.

Yes, ipLaser can be accessed by your customers via your website to produce their own quotes. We have training resources available for your customers to help them use the system.

No, there is no limit to the number of your customers who could be using ipLaser to create quotes at the same time.

No, there is no limit to the number of your internal sales staff who could be using ipLaser to create quotes at the same time.

No, there are no fees for setting up ipLaser on your website for your customers to produce their own quotes.

We provide you with general instructions for how you can add the functionality to your website, and we can advise you further if you need more detail.

ipLaser supports all major 2D cutting processes, including laser, plasma, oxy fuel and waterjet. Waterjet is not as accurate as the other cutting processes because of its different cutting mechanism, but it is close enough for quoting purposes.

We are in the process of adding laser tube cutting to ipLaser.

ipLaser supports all secondary processes. We have a dedicated metal bending process that can be customised to your needs, and you can create custom secondary processes to cover all others such as welding, powder coating, painting, tapping, counter sinking, and drilling. If you can think of a secondary process, you can make one.

If you need assistance to create custom secondary processes, we can help you.

DXF, DWG, PDF, STEP, SLD PRT, X_T, OBJ, IPT, and ASM, plus other 3D file formats.

ipLaser currently supports the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Indonesian
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese

We can add more languages as requested. Typically, we would request your assistance for producing correct translations in new languages.

We can add a new language, we will ask you for your assistance in making sure the translations are correct.

Yes, the PDFs can be produced by ipLaser in the language you need them to be in with your assistance.

Yes, on the quoting page you can specify if the material for a part is supplied by you, or if it is supplied by your customer.

Yes, you can specify the currency you want ipLaser to operate in.

Yes, shipping costs can be calculated for each quote.

Yes, you can create unlimited custom secondary processes in ipLaser. A secondary process can be created as a subcontracted process, or as a vendor-provided process, or anything else you need it to be.

No, the subcontracted operations come as part of the custom secondary process feature.

Yes, we can integrate into ERP systems and other applications.

No fees are typically charged for ERP integrations if a vendor is producing 50,000 quote items or more per year.

We may charge a fee for smaller vendor integrations.

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