Who we are 

Tempus [tem·​pus] Latin meaning: time, condition, right time; occasion; necessity


We're passionate about designing innovative solutions to see laser businesses running as effectively and efficiently through the realization of technology. Our team of highly skilled professionals have a shared desire to deliver positive results for our clients and their customers.


Our customers range from small to medium sized enterprises to larger, more sophisticated multi machine operators. We understand that each jobshop operates in their own way and has different challenges to address. We know that one size does not fit all which is why we offer an array of tools which you can pick and choose from to suit your specific needs.


Our founders have contributed to the laser industry for over 100 years (combined), from operating job shops to designing and installing machines across the globe. Utilizing that experience we have designed software specific solutions for any businesses dealing with complex drawings.


Our deep industry knowledge and expertise gives us a true understanding of both the challenges faced and the opportunities available for our customers and has allowed us to develop the essential tools that every estimator should have access to.


We are also the team behind ipLaser which has been operating for over 13 years and is trusted by job shops across the world.

Our mission

To create efficiency and enhance productivity for businesses that have a need to interpret technical drawings, by automating complex and mundane business processes through the continuous improvement of our service offering.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the leading software service provider for the interpretation of technical drawings, enabling businesses to run effectively and efficiently through the power of technology and innovation.

Our values


Accept challenges

  • We are fearless leaders who love to be challenged
  • We bring ideas to life
  • We think BIG
  • We are not afraid to get our hands dirty

Behave with integrity, compassion & honesty

  • We are trustworthy, reliable and responsible for our actions
  • We form relationships with our customers based on honesty
  • We display empathy and compassion in everything that we do
  • We engage in loyal relationships with ethical, trusted commercial businesses

Continue to innovate & evolve

  • We are constantly evolving & developing our offerings
  • We stay ahead of the game by understanding industry trends, challenges, & opportunities
  • We onboard the right talent to add real value to our business & our customers
  • We listen, learn & act on the feedback we receive from our customers

Deliver with excellence

  • We deliver quality products that add real business value
  • We provide world class customer service
  • We believe in close communications with our customers
  • We are more than just a business, we are a solution partner to our customers

Our People

Ivan Cooper


Ivan has spent a lifetime in the laser cutting industry. In the late 1980s, Ivan acquired an interest in a small regional laser cutting jobshop and grew this business into a national chain of jobshops, a laser systems design, supply and service business, along with representation of a leading global laser manufacturer.The job shop group operated multi-disciplined applications for laser material processing, from flatbed cutting and laser marking to complex applications of tube processing, pillow plate welding and cladding. This experience gave Ivan a deep understanding of the challenges facing the industry. But more than that he has been inspired by technology and its opportunities and has applied his knowledge to innovating for the benefit of future organizations.As a co-founder of ipLaser and Tempus Tools, Ivan has a desire to see laser businesses running as efficiently as technology can allow. With a background in accounting and business management, Ivan’s eye for detail and drive for continuous improvement has led to the growth of ipLaser and Tempus Tools.Ivan is excited to see Tempus Tools reach its potential both in capabilities and in the growth of its user base as we help more laser businesses around the world succeed and thrive.

Peter Olle

Executive (Technical)

Peter co-founded ipLaser – an automated quotation software for laser cutting, through the development of Poly, the original quoting tool from which ipLaser and Tempus Tools has grown. Peter was the architect of the ipLaser system and now directs the team of software engineers who continue to upgrade and expand on his original work.Peter has been working with job shop owners globally for 35+ years in various roles. Starting his career as a field service technician for a large laser machine tool manufacturer, Peter has installed machines, trained operators and programmers across the globe, and has extensive experience with CNC integration and machine design. He became heavily involved in R&D with the development of new machine concepts, from novel laser designs to 5-axis cutting systems where he was the recipient of a major national design award.Prior to forming ipLaser and Tempus Tools, Peter has also developed several CAM systems for programming laser cutting equipment.Peter brings a passion for developing solutions for the laser cutting industry and is a leading force in our strategic direction and technical capabilities.

Felipe Lechuga

Executive (The Americas)

Felipe is passionate about Engineering and Technology. He has spent over 20 years in Manufacturing specifically focussed on laser material processing.In 2000 he joined LemacoSpA as the Industrial Division Manager and in 2016 was promoted to Chief Executive Officer. He continues in that role today.His interest in Industrial Engineering has provided him with not only a rich career but accolades as a thought leader in the industry. He has lectured at the DuocUC and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Mechanical Engineering, written several articles for predominant industry publications, and is currently a Member of the technical board of IMA+, Advanced Manufacturing Technological Consortium in Chile.Felipe is fluent in Spanish and English.

Bruce Thomas

Executive (Product)

Bruce brings over 45years of experience in the laser cutting and engineering industries to Tempus Tools. He is an accomplished CEO and General Manager in the sectors of manufacturing and engineering for the production, import, and export of capital equipment. Bruce is at ease with managing complex and demanding projects. He is able to plan strategically, lead teams and facilitate a results-oriented environment. Bruce joined Tempus Tools after 11 years as the CEO of the Laser 3D Group. Prior to that, Bruce was the Manufacturing Manager at Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. With the experience gained from the Applied Laser Group of Companies including the Laser Systems Division, the agency division Laser Resource Management, together with his years as Managing Director of Laser Lab International, Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic understanding that can only help your company grow.

Ash Weeks

Head of Operations

Ash leads the operations and finances of Tempus Tools and brings a level of organisation and analysis to our goals. As a certified practising accountant with over eight years in finance and analyst roles and time managing his own business, Ash is well positioned to improve our operations and push our business and products forward.Ash specialises in strategic management accounting, financially modelling, and data analysis. He has been on both sides of management, leading teams to achieve business outcomes, as well as providing insights and confidence for senior management decision-making for organisations such as the Sunshine Coast Airport, Cricket Australia, Origin Energy, the Port of Portland and the Port of Hastings.Ash holds a CPA (Certificate of Excellence) from CPA Australia, and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.

Daniel Burke

Head of Products & Product Owner - QSuite

Daniel brings a diverse range of experience and a strong set of product management skills to Tempus Tools.


Beginning his career with the Australian Army as an Office Cadet studying Electrical Engineering at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Daniel left the Army in 2010 and commenced working as a Software Engineer at Mediaware where he worked his way up the ranks into the role of a Senior Software Engineer.


With strong development skills all the way through to market behind him and experience in go-to-market planning, he developed a natural pull into the direction of product development and has spent the last four years as a Product Manager.


Daniel’s ability to work between engineering and business development to represent the customer and push the product strategy vision forward is instrumental to the success of Tempus Tools.


Holly Popovic

Head of Marketing

Holly has ten years’ experience as a marketing professional with a strong background in client centric marketing in roles such as Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Consultant, and National Marketing Lead at various IT consulting and technology companies. Before that, Holly completed a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications (Electronic Society & Journalism) at Swinburne and Deakin Universities. Holly takes great interest in how technology can be used to enhance and improve experiences and enjoys thinking outside the box. She has a passion for assisting businesses on their digital transformation journey through exposure to emerging technologies and digital trends.

Jeremy Montano

Engineering Manager

Jeremy has been with Tempus Tools for over five years, beginning as a Software Engineer for ipLaser. A senior member of the development team, Jeremy mentors developers and has worked on a number of new products and features using a variety of web technologies.

Prior to joining our team, Jeremy worked as a Senior Software Engineer for nine years at Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company and one of the world’s largest consulting firms in the professional and technology services industry. While in this role, he led a software development team behind airline operations software components used by several traditional and low-cost airlines in the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) from the University of the Philippines Los Baños.

Philip Vernon

Sales and Support (APAC)

Phil has been involved with lasers and profile cutters since 1995 when he moved away from his Mechanical Engineering and Design Drafting roots towards machinery sales roles. In pursuing greater challenges, Phil has matched businesses in Australia and New Zealand with machines to help them reach their business goals. From Press Brakes and Turret Punches to Plasma; Waterjet to Laser Cutters/Plotters and Markers, Phil’s range of laser machinery and equipment knowledge is second to none. Prior to joining our team, Phil sold a range of high-powered fiber lasers to customers who consistently asked about the best practices in quoting and estimation. In response to the needs he saw within the industry, Phil decided to join Tempus Tools to help more businesses improve their quoting efficiency. Phil is passionate about connecting more job shops with Tempus Tools so that they can experience the efficiency benefits.

Steve Foster

Sales and Support (EMEA)

Steve has worked in the laser industry for the past nine years and has experience in all aspects of a laser business, from front-end administration to producing quotes, creating CAD files, posting jobs to machines, and using various CRM and MRP packages.Steve currently leads the UK operation of Tempus Tools and ipLaser where he supports customers to optimize their use of our software. As the Implementation Specialist, Steve will provide product demonstrations and implementation support for new customers within the UK and abroad.Steve’s hard work and sheer determination to deliver good outcomes will help your business undergo a smooth onboarding onto the Tempus Tools platform.

Swapna Talloju

Senior Software Engineer

Swapna has worked in the IT industry for the past 13 years as a Software Engineer in teams across diverse industry sectors and cultures, including global IT consulting firms across India and Australia. She has also adept Scrum Master in her previous role with skills in all aspects of a software development lifecycle comprising production support in delivery of technology projects.Swapna is a motivated and results driven professional who finds the software engineering field immensely pleasing, exciting, evolving with infinite potentials. She holds Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) degree from Osmania University, India.

Liam Thompson

Software Engineer

Having joined our team in 2017, Liam has significant experience in developing software for our modules which solve and streamline many real-world manufacturing problems. Liam is a talented software engineer and has a strong desire to expand his knowledge and capabilities by diving into new tasks and offering to assist our team in all areas when needed.Liam is skilled in a variety of programming languages and systems and has undertaken projects in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Often acting as the Project Manager of these teams, Liam has developed a keen ability for planning, time management and task allocation.
Liam holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Monash University.

Ammar Dayoub

Software Engineer

Ammar has been a part of Tempus Tools software development team for three years while studying at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria. During that time, he has maintained and expanded our product websites, addressed support requests for customers, and worked on the development of new modules for the Tempus Tools suite of products.During his university degree, Ammar has worked in teams on various website and database projects which has prepared him for the collaborative, agile, and fast-paced development work required to build Tempus Tools.Ammar has completed a Bachelor of Information Technology at La Trobe University.

Patrick Kulenkampff

Product Owner - 3D Applications

Patrick has worked four years in charge of the laser cutting, bending and waterjet services division in LemacoSpA. His first assignment was to implement Tempus Tools in the LemacoSpA business and has been working with it ever since. His love of the product ensured he achieved the full integration with Lemaco’s laser cutting software and ERP system. Patrick’s firsthand experience of Tempus Tools software and the increased productivity he found in the Lemaco job shop, has sparked his commitment to taking this product to others worldwide. A Mechanical Engineer, educated at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, he is passionate about automation and manufacturing. His extensive knowledge of differing manufacturing processes allows him to guide customers to achieve a final product surpassing their expectations. If you would like to speak with Patrick you can do so in English, Spanish or Alemannic (German dialect).

Sebastian Rojas

Sales Support, Spanish & English (The Americas)

Sebastian Rojas has recently joined Tempus Tools as Technical support for our clients.Sebastian gains great satisfaction from assisting others. He has experience across multiple industries which has provided him with a diverse insight to what matters to his clients.At Universidad de Chile he studied English literature and linguistics for three years and spent a year in Australia finessing his skills. His travel ignited his passion for people, and he cites that being able to understand and communicate with different people from different cultures as one of the highlights of this role.

Our partners

We know the importance of building relationships with industry experts, technology specialists and thought leaders. We partner with organizations and solution providers who can support our customers with specialized products and services. Please contact sales@tempustools.com if you would like to discuss partnering opportunities.

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