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How to set laser cutting prices that are both competitive and profitable

Laser cutting job shops can expertly produce a wide variety of useful parts – but a challenge is often how to set prices to maintain profitability and competitiveness in the market

Metal fabrication and laser cutting job shop owners have all asked themselves at one point, “how should I set my prices?”. It’s a delicate balance. Set your prices too high and customers may walk away to the competition, but set your prices too low, and you may be working too hard for little or no […]

Accounting software integrations boost laser cutting quoting efficiency for SMEs

Tempus Tools is introducing ToolBox laser cutting quoting integrations with Xero and QuickBooks, two of the most common small business accounting systems.

Small laser cutting and metal fabrication job shops face big challenges. With a limited number of staff on the roster, each person is performing multiple roles, from estimator, to customer service, to accountant, to production manager, and more. According to the World Bank, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) “represent about 90% of businesses and more […]

How manual quoting inconsistencies can lose laser cutting jobs

Laser cutting machines are only generating revenue with the red light is on, indicating the machine is in action. (Photo courtesy of Macro Supply)

The only time a laser cutting job shop is earning revenue is when that red light is on, sparks are flying, and the laser is in use. Everything else is done to support this activity, and to maximise the utilisation of the laser machine. This is one of the major reasons why using a laser […]

From quoting crunches to streamlined processes: ToolBox empowers growth of J&T Steel Sales

J&T Steel Sales Operations Manager, Luke Patterson, with the company’s laser cutting machine

Expanding Australian metal fabrication specialist, J&T Steel Sales, has found that improved productivity and new equipment is only half the battle to boost customer service and sales – equally important is eliminating the outdated processes used to track and prepare quotes, delivery, and invoices. J&T Steel Sales began as a small plate processing business in […]

MSG Industries provides laser cutting quotes eight times faster with game-changing software

MSG Industries Vice-Presidents Olivier Samson (right), and Éric Gaudreau (left) in front of their laser cutting machine, which they use to cut parts for a broad range of industries

A Canadian metalworking, fabrication, welding, and laser cutting enterprise, MSG Industries, has implemented a “game-changing software” to deliver faster and more accurate laser cutting quotes to its customers. MSG Industries Vice-President, Olivier Samson, had been working with his team on developing their own quoting tool software, but it was not a cost-effective solution to the […]

The Undeniable Reasons Your Jobshop Needs to Use Laser Cutting Cost Estimating Software

Are you tired of manually producing quotes for each of your potential laser cutting clients? Without affordable software built specifically for your industry, the process of producing quotes can be extremely time-consuming, commanding a large portion of your daily schedule and potentially without financial reward. Worse still, these long-winded processes have the potential for human […]