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The Undeniable Reasons Your Jobshop Needs to Use Laser Cutting Cost Estimating Software

Are you tired of manually producing quotes for each of your potential laser cutting clients? Without affordable software built specifically for your industry, the process of producing quotes can be extremely time-consuming, commanding a large portion of your daily schedule and potentially without financial reward. Worse still, these long-winded processes have the potential for human error to take away from their accuracy, preventing you from offering quick and accurate quotes that showcase your business’s potential and assist your future growth. 

However, by working with the laser cutting cost estimating software produced by Tempus Tools, you’ll maximise your efficiency and reduce the time you spend producing quotes. Our ToolBox system has been built specifically for the laser cutting industry, ensuring you produce accurate quotes in a fraction of the time taken on alternative quoting software programs. Whether you require sheet metal estimating software or are more reliant on using the system as a data storage tool, ToolBox by Tempus Tools can take your operation to the next level and help you win more business.  

Streamlined & Time-Saving Software 

While there is a range of effective quoting solutions on the market produced by manufacturers of machinery or CAM-specific firms, these systems are geared towards production and lack a specified focus on sales and revenue generation. For your business to maximise its efficiency and produce accurate quotes quickly each and every time, these systems cannot be relied on. Importantly, these systems lack detailed sheet metal estimating software that helps you keep up to date with the changing costs of your raw materials. Additionally, these systems are heavily reliant upon input from the jobshop manager, as they typically are the only individual with knowledge of the business’s pricing policy. 

Instead, ToolBox by Tempus Tools makes quick and efficient quoting a reality for even those customer service staff members without specified knowledge of your laser cutting technicalities. With direct CAD and CAM integration and the ability to import any type of file offered by your clients, our laser cutting cost estimating software ensures you experience a streamlined system that makes quotes extremely easy to produce. This allows you to spend less time winning business, and more time delivering your services that generate revenue and profits for your laser cutting jobshop. 

Win More Business

While it’s inevitably a huge benefit to spend less time producing quotes for your clients, this also allows you to win more business in the long run. A key factor in winning jobs is producing accurate quotes in a timely manner, as this helps your clients understand your commitment to offering them a solution that meets their needs and doesn’t waste their time. With the typical laser cutting jobshop only winning 30-40% of the quotes they produce, it’s important for your business to minimise the time you spend on these complimentary activities and buck the trend by winning more of the jobs you quote for. 

Using laser cutting cost estimating software can be a major point of your difference and prove beneficial in helping your jobshop win more business. By using an industry-specific quoting system for each quote you offer your clients, you can ensure a consistent method of cost estimation is used that is free from error. This eliminates any costly discrepancies from occurring that may see your business undercharge for your services, while also ensuring you do not overcharge for your services and consequently fail to win a laser cutting job you quote for. Despite its long-term industry presence, sheet metal estimating software has undergone a huge amount of development and improvement, and it can truly help you transition from satisfying your existing demand to attracting new clients that help your business grow and develop.

Consistency Of Service

One of the most common problems that laser cutting fabricators and jobshops encounter is failing to keep the relevant data of individual parts stored with their relevant files and images, with customer data often being mixed up. This means that each time a customer contacts you for information, simply finding the relevant data and part information is a task in itself. However, with Tempus Tools’ laser cutting cost estimating software, you can enjoy the benefits of a custom-built system that stores each of your customer’s information in one secure location, and every piece of data you add to their individual parts and drawings are stored together. 

This software ensures that you can quickly call upon previously completed work and give your customers prompt responses with accurate information, ensuring you offer them fantastic customer service each time. Our laser cutting cost estimating software is also important in making sure every quote is consistent in its inclusion of both direct and indirect costs that may otherwise be neglected. Key factors such as insurance and rent increase the hourly rate you must charge, and it’s important for these rates to be consistent in each quote you produce.

When it comes to laser cutting, time is of the essence, but it’s important that this does not come at the expense of consistently delivering a high-quality and accurate service. Fortunately, our cost estimating software has been built to address all the challenges your business faces each day, and helps you take your operation to the next level by making mundane and frustrating tasks a matter of a few clicks. 

Save time with our laser cutting quoting platforms.

Streamline Your Laser Cutting Quoting Process With Tempus Tools’ Sheet Metal Estimating Software!

With over a century of combined in the laser industry, our intimate knowledge of the industry has offered us a great understanding of both the challenges and opportunities our customers face. 

Our experience has shown us that no two jobshops offer their services in an identical way, and they each have different challenges to address. This has shown us that a one size fits all approach does not work, and that’s why ToolBox has over 100 different features – all included – to suit the different needs of different jobshops.

We’re very passionate about designing innovative solutions that help laser businesses operate as effectively and efficiently as possible through the realisation of technology. We have a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals that share a desire to deliver positive results for our clients and their customers. This has enabled us to develop the most essential tools that every single laser-cutting cost estimator should have access to.

At Tempus Tools, we offer jobshops an easy-to-use digital tool kit that ensures you can quickly calculate and prepare accurate and consistent quotes. Don’t waste your valuable time spending hours manually creating quotes. Make the most of your time and instead create your quotes in under 2 minutes with ToolBox, by Tempus Tools.

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