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From PDF to CAD in seconds

Rapidly extract parts from vector PDFs into DXF and DWG

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Convert PDF files faster

With a single click, you can isolate all of cutting geometries of a part.

Unlike regular PDF to CAD conversions, PDF2PARTS delivers a clean, scaled CAD file with no need to clean up the file after conversion.

This makes it ideal for the laser cutting industry.

Use cases

Laser cutting


Speed up quote preparation time by extracting parts from PDFs in seconds, then importing the DXF or DWG file into your quoting system.

Alternatively, use ToolBox or ipLaser as your quoting solution, which have this tool built into them. 


Seamlessly transform product designs from PDFs into DXF or DWG formats with our tool, making it easier than ever to refine and optimize your designs for manufacturing.


Easily convert working drawings from vector PDF to CAD formats using our tool, ensuring you can make quick and precise modifications to your project plans received from other suppliers.

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Key features

Single click isolation

A single click on the outer path isolates the part and all internal geometries, ready for export.

Unlike other PDF to CAD converters, you don’t need to waste time deleting all the other irrelevant lines in the PDF.

Scale parts

Set the width or the height of the selected part, and the part dimensions automatically scale, ready to be exported.

Define line types

Specify lines in the PDF as bending lines which will be delivered to you on a different layer.

Lines that are not cutting or bending can be set to an information layer.

Define material information

Set the material, thickness, and quantity of the part, and this data is exported with the DXF or DWG file, ready to be imported into another system.


Price is based on the number of parts extracted from the incoming PDFs.

This is measured by the number of individual CAD files that are made available for download.


50 tokens
($1.00 each)

SMALL $125

250 tokens
($0.50 each)


500 tokens
($0.35 each)

LARGE $500

2,000 tokens
($0.25 each)

All prices are in USD