• Starter


    40 credits per month
    Excess credits at $0.30ea

  • Regular


    500 credits per month
    Excess credits at $0.23ea

  • Plus


    1,500 credits per month
    Excess credits at $0.19ea

  • Premium


    3,000 credits per month
    Excess credits at $0.17ea

  • Enterprise

    Contact us for plans larger than 3,000 credits per month

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    Which plans suits me?

    Our experience indicates an average quote contains five-line items. Typically, a job shop with a 4kW fiber laser running 60 hours per week will consume roughly 1,400 credits per month.If you are unsure, we suggest starting on our Regular plan which offers 500 credits per month. You can always upgrade or downgrade at any time.

    How are credits used?

    Across all our products, one credit allows you to: - Upload and clean a drawing using the Drawing Doctor®; plus - Perform various calculations and processes on that drawing; plus - Export the processed drawing and the drawing's calculationsIf a drawing contains multiple parts or a part is created from the parametric library, each extracted or created part incurs one credit when calculated or exported.

    How does upgrading and downgrading work?

    Upgrading your plan takes place instantly. Your billing date will stay the same so you will be charged a prorated amount based on the remaining time left in your billing cycle. If you choose to downgrade your plan, you will start the lower plan on your next billing cycle.

    My business is very large. Do you provide discounts for high-volume plans?

    Plans larger than Premium exist for companies with higher volume needs. Please contact sales or book in a demo to schedule a short chat about Enterprise pricing.

    What if I have a big month?

    Keep using ToolBox to win more jobs! Any extra usage over your plan will be charged at the end of your cycle.

    Do you provide refunds?

    Tempus Tools does not offer refunds for any products. Your free trial period is designed for you to be able to assess the value of our products before you subscribe to a plan.

    What currency are the prices in?

    All prices are quoted and charged in USD.

    Do prices include tax?

    Prices are exclusive of sales tax. Taxes are added to the total bill based on your location's tax rules.