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Part library and fixed prices

Save time on repeat quotes by accessing previously-ordered parts from your customer’s library. Choose between recalculating with the latest prices, or offering a fixed price.

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Save time on re-orders

No need to search your emails for a drawing file or clean up the drawing all over again, just grab the part from your customer’s part library exactly as it was originally ordered.

Reduce the risk of quoting the wrong part

Parts in customer part libraries have all physical properties locked from editing, so the customer gets exactly what they ordered last time.

Choose between the latest price or a fixed price

By default, parts are recalculated using the latest prices and pricing rules. Optionally lock the price so that your customer gets the same unit price each time.

Library of historical parts

Easily manage a library of previously quoted or ordered parts for each customer.

Parts in a customer's part library

View previously quoted prices

Easy access to every price a part library part has been quoted at.

Part quote history 2

Properties locked from editing

Part library parts cannot have their physical properties edited, ensuring the customer always gets what they previously ordered.

Part from part library

Fixed price parts

Optionally lock the price of a part so that its unit price is set to a fixed value in all quotes.

Fixed price parts - cropped