New – ToolBox’s new quoting experience has launched!

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Clean CAD drawings with the Drawing Doctor®

Resolve the most common issues to produce clean CAD drawings and identify the parts customers want quoted.

Automatically heal hidden issues

Upon upload, Drawing Doctor® automatically corrects for double lines, dimensions, and small end points that are hidden in some drawings.

Extract one or all parts from a file

Customers can send many component parts in a single drawing file. Drawing Doctor® separates individual parts for quote calculation.

Export the actual parts

Parts cleaned with the Drawing Doctor® aren’t locked into ToolBox. Once finished with quoting, export them as DWG or DXF into production systems.


Upload CAD drawings

Upload 100s of 2D and 3D drawings in seconds.

Identify issues

Find issues that are barriers to quoting and producing laser cutting jobs.


Correct issues

Focus in on the job to be done by identifying each individual part to cut.


Use the identified parts to generate a more accurate quote.

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