Peter co-founded ipLaser – an automated quotation software for laser cutting, through the development of Poly, the original quoting tool from which ipLaser and Tempus Tools has grown.

Peter was the architect of the ipLaser system and now directs the team of software engineers who continue to upgrade and expand on his original work.

Peter has been working with job shop owners globally for 35+ years in various roles. Starting his career as a field service technician for a large laser machine tool manufacturer, Peter has installed machines, trained operators and programmers across the globe, and has extensive experience with CNC integration and machine design. He became heavily involved in R&D with the development of new machine concepts, from novel laser designs to 5-axis cutting systems where he was the recipient of a major national design award.

Prior to forming ipLaser and Tempus Tools, Peter has also developed several CAM systems for programming laser cutting equipment.

Peter brings a passion for developing solutions for the laser cutting industry and is a leading force in our strategic direction and technical capabilities.