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Living in the age of convenience can be pretty neat, being able to look up a restaurant’s menu on your phone, getting your groceries delivered to your door, and streaming movies to any device are just a few of the small luxuries one can enjoy nowadays.

But it can be hard to keep up with customers who’ve gotten used to life’s faster pace, with fast service and minimum wait times.

Self-service portals are a great way to ensure your customers wait time when requesting a quote is minimal. Tempus Tools allows your customers to create their own quotes, using an online storefront from your website, in a fraction of the normal time.

This means you can skip the lengthy steps of manually uploading CAD files, calculating nesting, determining time and materials, and creating spreadsheets to develop a price. A customer can get their quote automatically and then place an order at any time, any day of the week, just by clicking a link on your website.

David Gattward, Director at Microkerf in Leicester, attests that providing access to an online storefront has transformed the business’ efficiency and helped it to grow since they started using Tempus over a decade ago.

“We pride ourselves on understanding our customers and their needs. We know that the preference now is for everything to be online and we wanted a solution that allowed our customers to self-serve through an online portal available 24/7, just like the seamless experience of booking an aeroplane ticket through EasyJet,” said David. “By automating the whole quoting process, we’re responding to customers faster, more accurately and consistently, resulting in an increased win rate” he says.

“Most importantly however, our customers are happy as they are simply able to get on with their job in a timely manner.”

If you’re serious about increasing efficiencies in your business, providing exceptional customer service and unlocking new sources of revenue, why not take the leap?

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