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Forklift Theory: How to make the most of the fabricator’s best friend.

forklift moving in a job shop

Published via LinkedIn by Bruce Thomas, May 2021 Depending on the size of your workplace, you likely have one or more forklifts or other industrial trucks at your disposal in order to keep your profit centers running efficiently. Even if you only need the one, there are some rules that prove universal when it comes […]

Turning your scrap metal into an increasingly valuable profit center

Published via LinkedIn by Bruce Thomas, April 2021 Although a byproduct of the manufacturing process, scrap metal is most likely the only revenue generator a manufacturer has besides the products it makes. Last year, we saw a laser cutting job shop and Tempus Tools customer gain $144k in revenue from selling their scrap metal. They […]

Top Tips: Quality & Efficiency when Folding or Bending Laser Cut Parts

You breathe in as you run your fingers along the beautifully smoothen edges. Your eyes start to twinkle as you get closer, tilting your head to admire the sharpness of the cut. Nothing can compare to a well-designed, quality cut laser part. The problem is, if your parts are not designed to deal with secondary […]

Does your profit end up in the scrap bin?

Most job shops produce a reasonable amount of scrap. It’s not just what goes in the bin that costs you the money – calculate the material quote the wrong way and you end up paying for this scrap rather than your customer. There are four common methods for calculating material utilization. area of a single […]

Taking customer satisfaction to the next level

Sales and support specialist Steven Foster shares his journey beginning as a Tempus Tools customer and evolving into a proud and passionate employee. In 2010 I was working at a laser cutting job shop and I was given the responsibility of trialling a new software from Tempus Tools for our business.  We had originally envisioned […]